Research Funding for MDC



In addition to the grants listed below, the London Movement Disorder Centre has collaborations with various industry partners to advance therapies for the treatment of neurological disorders. Having conducted more than 40 industry-sponsored clinical trials, the LondonMDC also actively conducts investigator-initiated trials that are designed by Dr. Jog and his clinical team. In recent years, these investigator studies have been generously supported by peer-reviewed industry grants from Allergan, Abbvie, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Merz Pharma, Teva, and many others.


2020-2022       Clinical Study for Transcranial Stimulation in Parkinson Disease 

2019-2020       International Grant with Dr. Charalampos Tzoulias 
                        (Research Council of Norway)

2017-2020       Treatment of Parkinson using a novel neuromodulating drug
                        (Mitacs Accelerate - Industry Matched)

2017-2020       DBS in Parkinson’s patients monitored by whole-body kinematics
                        (Mitacs Accelerate - Industry Matched)

2013-2021       Graduate Researcher Scholarship Fund (Let’s Shake Charity - Kim Petrie)

2017-2019       Treatment of Parkinson Tremor in the Upper Limb 
                        (TalentEdge OCE - Industry Matched)

2017-2019       Optimizing Current Steering DBS in Parkinson’s Patients
                        (TalentEdge OCE - Industry Matched)

2017-2019       Quantitative Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
                        (SOSCIP IBM - Industry Matched)